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The Viewpro RS1: A Cutting-Edge Intelligent Water Rescue Boat for Swift and Precise Emergency Response

Dec 7, 2023 Viewpro_Elmer
The Viewpro RS1, an Intelligent Water Rescue Boat, is designed for powered emergency water rescues with a 330kg maximum load capacity and an impressive 80-minute continuous operating time. Deployable from high-altitude positions, such as 25.2 meters from the shore, bridges, or aircraft, rescue personnel can operate the RS1 remotely within a 1500-meter range. This ensures precise maneuvers to reach individuals in distress and bring them safely back to shore, prioritizing the safety of rescue personnel. The RS1, equipped with four jet pump propellers, attains a speed of 7 meters per second, securing crucial rescue time and making it the optimal choice for water rescues.
🚤Key features of the RS1:
1⃣ Four sets of jet pump propellers
2⃣ Bidirectional remote control with a range of up to 1500 meters
3⃣ Military-grade lithium iron phosphate battery
4⃣ Unmanned boat control system
5⃣ Capable of high-altitude rescue deployment
6⃣ Fluid dynamics design for reduced water resistance
7⃣ High-power water jet propeller
8⃣ GPS one-key return
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