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Discover the Next Wave: Experience the S110 Surveying Boat Unmanned Surface Vehicle!

Feb 27, 2024 Viewpro_Elmer
Introducing a new era of lightweight, miniaturized, and modular unmanned watercraft!
Fully customizable to suit your specific needs, the S110 seamlessly integrates advanced features such as ADCP, a multi-parameter water quality analyzer, depth sounder, mapping, and much more. With these versatile capabilities at your fingertips, a single operator can effortlessly manage diverse tasks while maximizing efficiency.
With up to 2 hours of maximum battery life (customizable), a 20kg maximum payload, and weighing just 15kg, the S110 delivers unmatched performance in any aquatic setting. Glide through the water at a maximum speed of 6m/s, unlocking unparalleled efficiency and agility.
Are you ready to elevate your surveying experience? Visit our website now to learn more about the S110 Surveying Boat Unmanned Surface Vehicle!
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