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OM400 OmniDrive Intelligent Drive-by-Wire UGV: The Full Scene Application Solution

Apr 12, 2024 Viewpro_Elmer

Multi-Scenario Adaptability: 
Whether indoors or outdoors, the OM400 effortlessly adapts to various complex environments, offering comprehensive monitoring and application solutions.

Intelligent Navigation: 
Equipped with intelligent navigation systems, the OM400 achieves autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance, enhancing work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Long Run Time: 
With an 8-hour run time, the OM400 ensures long-lasting performance,  providing stable and reliable support for your tasks.

Innovative Design: 
Compact and flexible, the OM400's innovative design facilitates easy transportation and deployment, bringing convenience and efficiency to your work.

Modular Design: 
The OM400 features a modular design, allowing flexible configuration of various functional modules according to your needs, such as additional devices and expanded sensors, to meet the requirements of different industries and application scenarios.

High Payload Capacity: 
The OM400 supports a maximum payload of 80kg, catering to a wide range of handling and transportation needs.

Zero Turning Radius: 
With a turning radius of 0m, the OM400 effortlessly navigates narrow spaces and complex environments.

 Multiple Moving Modes: 
Offering 5 diverse moving modes, the OM400 adapts to various work requirements and environmental conditions.

Whatever your needs may be, the OM400 provides the optimal solution, making your work smarter and more efficient! 

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