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About Network Problem summary

1. Q: Can not find the IP address of gimbal?

Case 1: The IP of the Z10N/Q30N/Q30XIR cannot be found

Answer: Power on the gimbal and connect directly to the computer. Set to obtain network automatically. Use “wireshark” to capture the network data, and use the filter to enter “arp” to find the IP.

Case 2: Can not find the IP of T series gimbal?


(1) Create a folder in the root directory of the TF card and name it as “update”.

(2) Put the compressed package of up.tar.xz (or up.tar) directly into the update folder.

(3) Insert the TF card into the card slot of camera when the it is powered off.

(4) Power on the gimbal

(5) Wait 2 minutes, power off and take out the TF card

(6) Restart the gimbal and the upgrade is finished. 

2. Q: Fuzzy, freezes, black screens, splashes and other phenomena in network video image?

Case 1: After the stream is pushed by video transmitter, the image of the gimbal is blurred when moving

Answer: The video transmitter bit rate is too low. (Min 1M 720p)

Case 2: Z40K IP output version will get black when switching modes.

Answer: Set the output resolution of the camera to HDMI 1080i.

Case 3: T series through LB2 video transmitter.

Answer:  A. Red screen through video transmitter – Because the tracker is old version. 

B.No video stream output through video transmitter – The tracker interface board is not compatible.

Case 4: F series 18x/30x gimbals connection to Herelink / Skydroid can not output images?

Answer: Compatibility issue, need to step down the internal power supply of the camera to 6.5V.

Case 5: T series udp push stream, i frame output

Answer: Set encoding packet format to By Slice.

Case 6: Thermal image output flickers

Answer: The video transmitter or data link antenna is too close to the gimbal, recommend min 35cm away.

Case 7: Connect to QGC, the T-series network output flickers.

Answer: Set encoding packet format to By Slice. 

3. About Network control

Case 1: T-series gimbal ONVIF video output and controls

Answer: Update to latest IP output firmware to be compatible with ONVIF (after 20201104). Can output and control by ONVIF directly, also support TCP control. 

4. Whats the default IP address?


T series: rtsp://

Z10N: rtsp://

Z5S/Z40K: rtsp://

Z-Fusion pro: rtsp:// 

5. Q: Abnormal after modifying network parameters?

Case 1: T series no video output after changing the gateway ( 3 layers router)

Answer: T series update IP firmware.

Case 2: T series has abnormal delay (normal: about 300ms for direct connection with PC)

Answer: Set encoding to 720p, 2M bit rate. 

6. Q: Network connection is not stable, keeping reconnecting.

Answer: Power supply is insufficient. Ethernet connection is not good.