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About Power Supply

1. Q: Whats the power supply standard for Viewpro gimbal cameras?

Answer: The power supply range of Viewpro gimbal is 3S~6S (12V~24V), except the special customized version (without the CONN board – main board of control box). Excessive high voltage and high voltage ignition when the power supply is not connected to the voltage regulator module will cause the gimbal burned out, and there will be no response when it is powered on. 

2. Q: Why there is no response and cannot work after the gimbal is powered on?

Answer: Use a DC stabilized power supply to check if the current is 0 or not. 0mah means the power line is an open circuit, check whether the two ends of the line are well plugged in. If there is no DC power supply, use the voltage grade of the multimeter to test the voltage of the two power lines to the gimbal. If the voltage of the point is 0V, it means that the power line is an open circuit. Check whether the two ends of the line are well plugged in. 

3. Q: Why camera has no video output after home position?

Case 1: Gimbal power supply is not enough

Answer: Make sure power supply is 3S~6S (12V~24V), make sure the power cable can support 2A electric current.

Case 2: Gimbal internal power problem

Answer: The internal power cable of the gimbal is pressed.