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CUAV X7+Controller


CUAV X7+ Controller uses STM32H743 processor, ICM-42688-P Acce&Gyro and RM3100 Industrial compass, the dynamic power consumption efficiency is doubled. The sensor is upgraded again, ensure the highest accuracy measurement in the case of temperature changes. Built-in temperature compensation system, with sensor redundancy design. It integrates the main MCU and IMU into the CORE module and can be sold separately, and come with better CUAV patented shock absorption system and standard pack digital power module. At the same time, it support LTE Link series 4G telemetry, optional RTK to realize centimeter-level positioning and video sharing. And it is compatible with Ardupilot 4.10/PX4 1.12.3 or higher firmware.

CUAV X7+Controller-Viewpro CUAV X7+Controller-Viewpro CUAV X7+Controller-Viewpro

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