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M15 Mini HD handheld ground station




M15 is a 15 - kilometer range Android smart controller with dual 1080p FPV,based on the full high - definition image transmission technology , which is completely and independently developed by Viewpro. The system is deeply optimized and integrated with Qualcomm 8 - core CPU platform . M15's abundant features and powerful performance make it a commonly applied device of reliable image transmission and solid control on agriculture drones , commercial drones ,unmanned vehicles and boats , and robotics .

15KM 1080P Image Transmission

Once again Viewpro made a breakthrough,applying this brand new and cutting edge high-definition image trans-mission technology on M15 successfully . The technology comes with a smart ability to adapt its transmission to better frequency bands , which means it always goes to work on the band with least interference . With the standard omni directional antennas,M15 system's effective range can reach up to 15 kilometers . With the long-range antennas coming with M15 enterprise combos, the range can be up to 30kilometers with-full HD

Dual Full HD Low-Latency Video Stream Display

M15 receiver support standard RTSP video stream input through its standard ethernet port directly or converted by HDMl module. The stream is up to two-way 1080p video simultaneously, latency low to *180ms. The pre-installed Viewpro FPV application supports switching display of two video streams between the main screen and the floating window, and the video stream SDK is fully open to developers. On agriculture drones , the feature works with front camera and back camera for almost 360-degree visual protection. On commercial drones, the two-way video stream makes it ultimately possible for integrating optical camera and thermal imaging camera through one link.

Superior Performance

M15 transmitter carries Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core CPU, which can decode 1080p@6 Ofps video stream by hardware in both H.264 and H.265 format . The CPU's powerful computational performance lowers image transmission and display latency to 180ms . 'Transmitters coming with M15 enterprise combos are equipped with standard HDMl port for outputting video stream to an external monitor. It also supports 4G network, after secondary development the video stream can be pushed to cloud network .

1000CD/M2 High Brightness

1920*1080 High-Definition Monitor Screen

M15 has a 5.5-inch high-definition and high-brightness LCD screen. Display definition is 1920*1080 pixels.Max brightness is 1000cd / m2, which is almost two times of usual smartphones , crystal clear under direct sunshine.

Super Long Battery Life, 30W PD Fast Charging

With high-capacity built-in li-on batteries with great performance,M15 transmitter' s battery life is up to 12hours. The batteries'stable and efficient discharging curve secures the system when running in high speed.*M15 transmitter supports max 30W PD fast charging, which can charge 95% battery level in three hours.

*The standard charger coming with all M15 combos is PD 20W . The PD 30W charger is optional .


Combo Introduction

Optional Parts

M15 Common Diagram

M15 Mini HD handheld ground station-Viewpro M15 Mini HD handheld ground station-Viewpro M15 Mini HD handheld ground station-Viewpro M15 Mini HD handheld ground station-Viewpro

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