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Micro Z10TIRM Lightest Triple-sensor EO+IR+ Laser Rangefinder Gimbal Camera



Hardware Parameter
Working voltage 12V
Input voltage 3S ~ 6S
Output voltage 5V (connect with PWM)
Dynamic current 1250mA @ 12V
Idle current 750mA @ 12V
Working environment temp. -20℃ ~ +60℃
Output  IP(1080P/720p 25/30fps) 
Local-storage TF card (Up to 128G, class 10, FAT32 or ex FAT format)
Photo storage format JPG(1920*1080 / 1280*720) 
Video storage format MP4 (1080P/720P 25fps/30fps)
Control method PWM / SBUS / TTL / TCP
Gimbal Spec
Mechanical Range Pitch/Tilt: -33°~110°,    Roll: ±35°,   Yaw/Pan: ±360°*N
Controllable Range Pitch/Tilt: -30°~90°,   Yaw/Pan: ±360°*N
Vibration angle Pitch/Roll: ±0.02°, Yaw:±0.02°
One-key to center
EO Camera Spec
Imager Sensor 1/3-type CMOS(Progressive Scan)
Picture quality Full HD 1080 (1920*1080)
Effective pixel 4.08MP
Lens optical zoom 10x, F=3.3~33.0mm, F1.8~3.4
Digital zoom 16x
Min object distance 10mm(wide end) to 800mm(tele end)
Horizontal viewing angle 58.2°(wide end) ~ 6.9°(tele end)
Sync system Internal
S/N ratio more than 50dB
Min illumination 0.5 lx (1/30s, F1.8, 50%)
Gain Auto / Manual
White balance ATW1 (Narrow), ATW2 (Wide), One push, manual (B, R),indoor,outdoor
Shutter speed 1/1s to 1/10,000s
Backlight compensation Yes
Aperture control 16 steps
IR Thermal imager spec
Focus Length 24mm
Horizontal FOV 18.2°
Vertical FOV 14.6°
Diagonal FOV 23.2°
Detective Distance (Man: 1.8x0.5m) 1000 meters
Recognize Distance (Man: 1.8x0.5m) 250 meters
Verified Distance (Man: 1.8x0.5m) 125 meters
Detective Distance (Car: 4.2x1.8m) 3067 meters
Recognize Distance (Car: 4.2x1.8m) 767 meters
Verified Distance (Car: 4.2x1.8m) 383 meters
Working mode Uncooled long wave (8μm~14μm) thermal imager
Detector pixel 640*512
Pixel pitch 12μm
Focusing method Athermal prime lens
Emissivity correction 0.01~1
NETD ≤50mK (@25℃)
MRTD ≤650mK (@characteristic frequency)
Image enhancement Auto adjust image brightness and contrast ratio
Color palette White, iron red, pseudo color
Auto Non-uniform correction Yes (no shutter)
Digital zoom 1x ~ 12x
Sync correct time Yes
EO / IR Camera Object Tracking
Update rate of deviation pixel 50Hz
Output delay of deviation pixel 5ms
Minimum object contrast 5%
Minimum object size 32*32 pixel
Maximum object size 128*128 pixel
Tracking speed ±48 pixel/frame
Object memory time 100 frames (4s)
The mean square root values of pulse noise in the object position < 0.5 pixel
IR Laser Rangefinder
Range 5~1000 meters
Resolution 1m:<400±1        2m:>400±0.4%
Light Beam 905nm pulse laser
Divergent Angle 12 mrad
Laser pulse frequency 0.1--1Hz
Location Resolving Latitude and longitude of target
Ranefinder Target distance measuring
Packing Information
N.W. 499g
Product meas. 122.2*115.4*141.6 (Standard version) /122.2*115.4*147.3mm(Viewport version)
Accessories 1pc gimbal camera device, screws, copper cylinders, damping balls, damping boards, TTL cable / Hight quality plastic box with foam cushion
Package meas. 300*250*200mm
Micro Z10TIRM Lightest Triple-sensor EO+IR+ Laser Rangefinder Gimbal Camera-Viewpro Micro Z10TIRM Lightest Triple-sensor EO+IR+ Laser Rangefinder Gimbal Camera-Viewpro

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